Heart Felt Healing Hands

Who I Am

Welcome to the world of healing touch. My name is Hugo Cruz, I am a passionate massage therapist with a unique understanding of pain. With a background in jiu-jitsu and striking, I know exactly what it means to be in pain and I empathize deeply with my clients.

My experience with massage after finishing my certification was with an organization called Freedom Community Clinic. I had the privilege of working with multiple people from diverse backgrounds. The clinic gave me the opportunity to work on many different bodies in a short span of time which drastically sped up my progression as a massage therapist.

During my two years in the spa industry I learned a variety of techniques ranging from cupping, sugar scrubs, hot stone, prenatal, and gua-sha. I learned to adapt my techniques to meet individual needs and preferences. I have been able to witness the transformative power of massage therapy firsthand.

Now I rent a studio in the middle of downtown Santa Rosa on 7th Street.

I stand by my work and I promise you will absolutely love your massage. If you aren’t completely satisfied, it’s free. 🙂